Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ron Paul Wins!

...100% of the educated vote, in the Iowa caucuses!

Thesis: Whenever you hear someone describing libertarian foreign policy views as "isolationist" they are misleading you, in the belief that you are too stupid to know the immense difference between the terms "military non-interventionist" and "isolationist." Alternate phrasing: "Will you blathering idiot pundits please stop calling Ron Paul an 'Isolationist'?" Alternate phrasing: Nonintervention =/= isolation.

Please, ...remember that. Your future may depend on it.

Why am I so angry about this right now? In short, the TV political blather show "FOX and Friends."

Stuart Varney just made the idiotic statement on "FOX and Friends" that Wall Street isn't supporting Ron Paul because he's an "isolationist." Steve Doocy then idiotically states that "...and that's because you can't be an isolationist in a global economy." These idiots are apparently incapable of comprehending the difference between "military non-interventionism" and "isolationism."

Ron Paul supports a foreign policy that Thomas Jefferson described as: "Free trade with all, entangling alliances with none." That's military noninterventionism, and historically, it prevents war and conflict. Stated another way: "When goods don't cross borders, soldiers will." "Isolationism" --a completely different thing-- is a backwards politicial philosophy that encourages the reduction and isolation of trade to favor "American business," as well as military and political disengagement, often with populist or nationalist overtones. Pat Buchanan is an "isolationist." F. A. Hayek, Harry Browne, and Ron Paul are "military noninterventionists." There's an immense difference, as any kindergartener of median intelligence can understand.

But I guess that Stuart Varney and Steve Doocy aren't quite that bright. ...Or, they're willing to sell out America on orders from their corporate overlords.

Sadly, the Ron Paul-supporting intellectuals in Iowa were not numerous enough to keep our grandkids out of "indefinite detention" in tomorrow's prison camps. (Let's hope there are enough people who comprehend the basic concept of America for Paul to win NH and SC.) If not, it's bye bye, America, while it lasted!

"FOX and friends" further reveals its ignorant media bias by their wording of their push poll: "Given expectations going into Iowa, the biggest loser from Tuesday night was: Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Ron Paul" THEY LEFT MITT ROMNEY'S NAME OUT!

...He got fewer votes than he got in 2008, even though the Republican establishment has been supporting him from the beginning! He came 8 votes from being beaten by the ridiculous socialist and bigot, Rick Santorum (who benefitted from an enormous herd of sheeple who mindlessly listened to their pastors and to santorum's words, without bothering to check his record out)! This weak showing is amazing, when put in the context that the media establishment has been working for free for Romney for months!

Even all that money and free support couldn't take the stink out of Romney enough to give him a landslide victory! Plastic Mitt is just too transparently a tool of the Federal Reserve bankers! FOX clearly wants their unthinking low-brow conformist viewers, to view Romney as a "winner." ...Ridiculous!

Don't worry, tyrants, your strategy of bringing education under the control of government has paid off. With voters in Iowa calling themselves conservatives, and working for their own enslavement, it's apparent that depriving highschoolers of proper history, philosophy, and economics lessons has accomplished its goal: a servile American population of willing "free range" serfs. A serf owns nothing, not even his own body: as this video (and the existence of the AMA, FDA, and DEA) clearly shows. So, congratulations on doing a very thorough job. The general public is completely unaware that America had the highest standard of literacy in the world, prior to the advent of public education.

"Conservative" is now a word with completely no meaning. It is a suitcase word that means anything from the legitimate "limited government" to the illegitimate "institutionalized bigotry on behalf of a fearful majority."

If you're a part of the uneducated majority, I strongly recommend these four works of nonfiction:
The Triumph of Liberty,
by Jim Powell

The Creature From Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve,
by G. Edward Griffin

America: From Freedom to Fascism,
by Aaron Russo
free video:

Why I am Not A Conservative,
by F. A. Hayek
free online:

Well, I need to go and watch the Fox News media fascists argue about the differences between 99% support for unlimited government, and 99% support for unlimited government allocated to slightly different subject areas. ...It's been fun.

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