Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Dick Clark We All Know And Love

I was pleased to see that Dick Clark was a trending search term, according to yahoo, today. Of course, the Dick Clark I'm referring to is neither the elderly veejay personality, nor his cryo-preserved head made famous in "Futurama," it's the libertarian mastermind Dick Clark from the Mises Institute, who is now somewhere in frozen flyover country.

I was pleased to see that google images returned an image of the Dick Clark I know and whose writings I love.

...Right next to the Futurama cartoon of the other Dick Clark's cryonically-preserved head.

I hope Dick's taking advantage of his "trend" in the search engines. He's one of the few libertarian philosophers I know who is "right about everything." (I also put Radley Balko, Marc Stevens, and Jacob Sullum into that category.)

Dick is the author of the fine book "Fighting Back." Follow the prior link to get your free copy today, and if you like it, purchase a hard copy!

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