Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ayn Rand

Describes the philosophical error of defending capitalism with incorrect premises (as a religion or faith, as practical temporary necessity, or as tradition that continues for the lack of a better alternative).

Saturday, April 26, 2008

The War Against Terror (TWAT)

I hate it when miserable twats like Abbe Rifkin make a big deal out of nothing, waste taxpayer money, and try to limit the free expression of American servicemen, (especially when it's all in one try). I definitely side with the marine on this one. Rifkin should get the hell out of this country if she sympathizes with the Taliban's speech codes.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Government vultures have swooped in on a new victim.

Wesley Snipes. Hopefully he shoves it right up their asses by becoming a motivated libertarian activist. I also hope he learns to promote and --Two places that inform jurors that they have a RIGHT to acquit. (And damn the spineless cowards who didn't have the brains or backbone to acquit Snipes. Snipes is a very brave and intelligent artist indeed.)

From the AP article:
"U.S. District Judge William Terrell Hodges said Snipes exhibited a "history of contempt over a period of time" for U.S. tax laws, and granted prosecutors the three year sentence they requested — one year for each of Snipes' convictions of willfully failing to file a tax return.
"In my mind these are serious crimes, albeit misdemeanors," Hodges said."

So basically, this communist slime-bag Hodges is upholding the illegal and unconstitutional income tax as "the law". (Even though the "Marbury V. Madison" precedent states that any law that is unconstitutional is "null and void".)

The courts want to have it both ways: if a precedent increases the power of government, it is OK, but if it decreases their power, it is to be ignored.

The Libertarian Party should run Wesley Snipes as their Vice Presidential Candidate, which would accomplish several things:
1) Free good publicity for Snipes.
2) Free bad publicity for our thug government, and specifically the goons harrassing Snipes.
3) More free media coverage to a Libertarian Party finally figuring out political strategy.
4) Legitimacy lent to Snipes' arguments in favor of freedom
5) Perhaps the government slime would reduce or eliminate Snipes' sentence, if the public rallied
6) Perhaps the public would rally behind Snipes and eliminate wage slavery and the IRS, if the government didn't reduce Snipes' sentence
7) Maybe the American public would learn about how the IRS is screwing over the already oppressed, vastly more than it is "helping them"

If Wesley would agree to it, it would be the smartest thing the LP has ever done. And it would show the IRS that they can bully an honest man, but they can't keep him down, and everything they do to him is going to come back against them, twice as strong.

The IRS, and Hodges expect Snipes to roll over and piss himself in submission. And that's what they really want: A WILLING SLAVE, AND WILLING SLAVES IN EVERY U.S. TAXPAYER.

Weakness invites aggression. If Snipes shows them his teeth by getting political, making friends with Carla Howell and Wayne Root and the other Libertarians, and speaking out as a Libertarian, HE WILL WIN. Snipes was completely right about being honest. Our society castigates the honest, and rewards submission and conformity. Thank heaven for people like Wesley Snipes! -- A Libertarian

The basics of libertarianism

explained here by Michael Shermer at Fora.TV

Monday, April 21, 2008

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<a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""/><
/a> Please use the preceding text to link to the contribution page of the only Libertarian Party candidate that can pull 5% of the vote in the general election. If the LP gets 5% of the vote, nationwide, it will mean we have a solid nationwide major party that believes in gun rights and can reverse the problems caused by 4 more years of socialism that we will get no matter whether it is Obama, ClintonII, or McCain in the whitehouse from 2008-2012. Uneducated, unphilosophical, and "pragmatist" Democrats and Republicans are the problem. Capitalism and Freedom are the solution. This 4th of July, Donate to Wayne Root, and put a small business owner one step closer to the whitehouse.

A decision from Alaska too cool to ignore...

"Routine Traffic Stops" cannot exist in a free country. The Alaska Appeals Court agrees with me, here. Excellent!

Friday, April 18, 2008

...As if you needed another reason to move out of IL. (pronounced ILL-ANNOY, for those of you fortunate enough to not even pass through the place)

Here it is: Redflex traffic automated traffic ticketing red lights have been installed in Orland Park, and Tinley Park, IL. Automated authoritarian mass theft from the citizenry (at least anyone who drives as if they haven't been castrated), in addition to the highest taxes in the nation! (And all done in the name of "public safety" for the crying children! See how these motherless theiving bastards put pictures of kids up all over their website, and claim to be protecting the public safety. Bastards. Nothing could be further from the truth. How many kids will die or suffer horribly of some sickness because mommie and daddy were bankrupted from being literally robbed into poverty by the police state? Fucking "redflex"! should understand that real Americans flex a whole different way at :)

If you're not a sheep wanting to be fleeced, find a way to move out of Illinois -even if it's right across the state line to Indiana. And be sure to purchase a good rifle as soon as you arrive -before some puke like Obama, McCain, or Hillary can take even that last human right away from you. If you reward theft with compliance and servility, get more of it. Be sure to let the miserable pukes know what you think of them, here: and here: . At least in the UK the citizenry has the decency to torch these robotic human milkers: If you can't vote Libertarian this year, you have absolutely no spinal column.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Presidential Candidate Wayne Allyn Root Unveils Breakthrough on How He Will Stop Un-Constitutional Spending by Using “Constitutional Impoundment”.

By Wayne Allyn Root, Candidate for the Libertarian Party Presidential Nomination

On this eve of tax day April 15, 2008 this Libertarian Presidential candidate declares that the buck stops here. Today we are going to change the way we think and debate about taxing and spending
forever more. Today my economic team and I are releasing the most powerful and no doubt controversial (at least to those who support big government) one-two punch in the history of political debate on “taxation and spending.”

Today we do more than talk. Today we do more than complain. Today we offer real solutions.

For years Presidents - Democrat and Republican alike - have argued for the line-item veto, a power available to most state governors to cut out unnecessary spending from government budgets. Presidents have claimed they are powerless to stop Congress from spending the money without this powerful and mystical weapon. They were not so powerless after all. Just unwilling to use the tools already at hand.

Congress finally enacted the Line Item Veto Act of 1996 and during one year Bill Clinton exercised this veto power 82 times for $2 billion in savings. The joy for American taxpayers was short-lived. The United States Supreme Court in 1998 declared such a power unconstitutional in Clinton v. City of New York.

So, what can a Root Administration do to stem the tide of spending without the line-item veto?

While the legislative branch has the power to appropriate funds, it is the executive branch that has the power to spend these funds.

If elected, the Root administration will exercise a power that is much stronger than a line-item veto. That power provided for in the Constitution is known as “impoundment.”

Thomas Jefferson (arguably the most Libertarian President in U.S. history) first exercised this power in 1801, when he refused to spend $50,000 in appropriated funds for some Navy gunboats, returning the funds to the U.S. Treasury.

Many presidents have exercised this power ever since, the last being Richard Nixon, who attempted to curb runaway spending. But Congress- at a time when Nixon was weak from his criminal scandals- seized the opportunity to overstep its bounds by passing the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974, which took away the president's unilateral power not to spend money. Nixon's argument was based on Executive powers, and not on the Constitutional duty of the Presidency.

Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution requires that the President take an oath to solemnly swear that he will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of his ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Most government spending today is in violation of Article I, Section 8 of our Constitution and no congress can require that the President violate his oath of office.

This President will dare to go where no previous president in modern history has dared go.

If elected, this President will invite a showdown with Congress that could go all the way to the US Supreme Court.

This President will impound every last red cent of spending that violates the Constitution.

Today we finally offer real hope for America's beleaguered taxpayers. Today we prove that dramatic cuts to both spending and taxes are not only possible, but doable. A rapid, responsible, and intelligent downsizing of the Federal Government is possible. State's will be given time to determine if they want the option to continue the services not authorized by the Constitution. The money saved will give them all the options.

Today we unleash the powerful ideas about the way government should be run (and cut) proposed by Barry Goldwater- the belief that dramatic tax cuts must be accompanied by dramatic spending cuts to be effective and successful.

This proposal on dramatically starving the federal government will be followed within hours by a second proposal to eliminate all federal income taxes forever more. It is a one-two punch to the very gut of all proponents of big government and their ”tax and spend” philosophy.

If elected President, this small businessman and citizen politician will lead a revolution to starve the federal government back to its proper Constitutional size- and most importantly, to give the power (and the money) back to the people (and taxpayers) of the United States of America to spend as they deem fit.

Previous Republican presidents have talked about eliminating the Department of Education; this President will not sign the checks that keep the department open. States have enough bureaucracy in education as it is. If they want more bureaucrats then the billions saved can surely provide it. All unfunded mandates will disappear. Maybe then the fine teachers in our schools can begin teaching again.

When this President is done, a whole alphabet soup of governmental agencies in violation of the Constitution will die for lack of funding.
Imagine a Federal government where there is no:

· Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

· African Development Foundation

· Agency for International Development

· American Battle Monuments Commission

· Amtrak

· Appalachian Regional Commission

· Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board

· Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, & Firearms

· Bureau of Arms Control

· Bureau of Labor Statistics

· Bureau of Transportation Statistics

· Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

· Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigations Board

· Commission on Civil Rights

· Commodity Futures Trading Commission

· Consumer Product Safety Commission

· Corporation For National Service

· Drug Enforcement Administration

· Environmental Protection Agency

· Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

· Export-Import Bank of the U.S.

· Farm Credit Administration

· Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board

· Federal Aviation Administration

· Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

· Federal Election Commission (FEC)

· Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

· Federal Highway Administration

· Federal Housing Finance Board

· Federal Labor Relations Authority

· Federal Maritime Commission

· Federal Mediation & Conciliation Service

· Federal Mine Safety & Health Review Commission

· Federal Railroad Administration

· Federal Reserve System

· Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board

· Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

· Food & Drug Administration (FDA)

· Ginnie Mae

· Institute of Museum and Library Services

· Inter-American Development Bank

· Inter-American Foundation

· International Bank for Reconstruction & Development

· International Labor Organization

· International Monetary Fund

· International Trade Commission

· Legal Services Corporation

· Medicare Payment Advisory Commission

· National Aeronautics and Space Administration

· National Archives and Records Administration

· National Bioethics Advisory Commission

· National Capital Planning Commission

· National Commission on Libraries and Information Science

· National Council on Disability

· National Credit Union Administration

· National Endowment for the Arts

· National Endowment for the Humanities

· National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

· National Institute of Mental Health

· National Institutes of Health

· National Labor Relations Board

· National Mediation Board

· National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

· National Park Service

· National Science Foundation (NSF)

· National Skill Standards Board

· National Technology Transfer Center (NTTC)

· National Telecommunications Information Administration

· National Transportation Safety Board

· Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation

· Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission

· Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight

· Office of Thrift Supervision

· Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development

· Organization of American States

· Overseas Private Investment Corp.

· Pan American Health Organization

· Peace Corps

· Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC)

· Railroad Retirement Board (RRB)

· Securities Investor Protection Corp.

· Selective Service System (SSS)

· Smithsonian Institution

· Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration

· Surface Transportation Board

· Tennessee Valley Authority

· Trade and Development Agency

· U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

· U.S. Forest Service

· U.S. Institute of Peace

· U.S. Marshals Service

· U.S. Office of Government Ethics - Has this agency ever even been used?

· United Nations Information Center

· Voice of America (VOA)

· White House Fellows

· White House Commission on Remembrance

· Women's History Commission

And this list is just scratching the surface. A more complete list would be too long to read. Almost every task that is currently performed at the federal level can be pushed back to the states- assuming any state believes it is actually needed. As we said, rapid, responsible and intelligent transitions will be the order of the day.

A Wayne Root administration will take the Presidential Oath of Office to heart and seriously cut back the size of government in a way that has never been imagined in modern times. If it is not authorized by the constitution, it will not be funded by President Root. No unconstitutional program will be left untouched.

When we are done, the U.S. Government will be so small that it will be a one-line listing in the white pages of your local telephone directory.

This upcoming Root Presidential campaign will bring a vision of a bold Libertarian future, where America does not engage in nation-building, but still remains vigilant and strong enough to defend ourselves from any foreign attack; a vision where America is restored once again to its constitutional tradition of limited government, non-interventionism, peace and freedom; a vision where future generations will read and recite how the Libertarian Party brought individual rights and personal freedom back to our land. Our Founding Fathers will finally rest in peace.

We are onto something much bigger than all of us and the time is right.
Today is the day to join the Wayne Root campaign for President of these United States.

Root for Liberty! Root for Freedom! Root for America!

Wayne Allyn Root is a Libertarian Presidential candidate. For more about Wayne and his bold stands on important political issues, go to:

This message is authorized and approved by Wayne Allyn Root and the ROOT for America campaign.

ROOT for America
2505 Anthem Village Drive Ste E318
Henderson, NV 89052
Treasurer: Jeff Dimit

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Some animals are more equal than others... Another fine headline from "The Newspaper" dot com!