Sunday, January 1, 2012

Let the Record Show...

That Bob Barr is an abject scumbag, drug warrior, and anti-libertarian, and that the Constitution Party's Chuck Baldwin is a kind and decent human being, with libertarian values. Let the record also show that more choices on a ballot is a generally a good thing. Even in the case where the State of Virginia just illegally put two totalitarians (Newt Gingrich, and Rick Perry, who both failed to collect enough signatures to legally access the ballot) on the ballot, it's a good thing, because they will split the VA totalitarian vote three ways.

Although I fully comprehend that Newt and Rick's hypocrisy regarding their support for ballot access restrictions is grotesque, and that they deserve to lose ballot access (as Ron Paul would have if libertarian activist Bob Lynch had not come through for him, and delivered last-minute ballot access to him on a silver platter) ...I'm glad they've decided to split the totalitarian vote. That will give Ron Paul a better chance to make a bigger impact in the race, and possibly even win.

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