Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rick Stanley Update

Rick Stanley has been in jail for years, for politically speaking out against judges who had violated his 2nd amendment rights. This Youtube Video investigates how and why those judges illegally used their power to imprison Rick Stanley. Essentially, Rick was imprisoned because the judges themselves felt threatened.

I guess it's now a criminal offense not to anticipate how stupid judges are, and take measures to avoid offending them, by proscribing the limits of your own speech. So before you open your mouth, I guess you'd better anticipate that the judge you're talking to is evil, stupid, and easily offended, and if you think he is, then you'd better just be quiet, because in that case, with that judge, you have no constitutional protections of any of your individual rights.

Of course, anyone paying attention knows that the court case "Sparf and Hansen V. The USA" (1895) got rid of 6th amendment jury rights, and the drug war (begun in 1907) got rid of our remaining property rights, and the "Miller V. US"(1934) court case eliminated the 2nd amendment, and America hasn't been anything close to what it was intended to be for a long, long, long time.

But that doesn't mean that libertarians should just give up. In a few years, there will be an artificial intelligence that will likely come to the same conclusion the abolitionists came to in the early 1860s: "Involuntary servitude should not be tolerated. ...Let Sherman march, if that's what it takes."

A good place for us to start building the new abolitionist/leveller/thinker/property rights/libertarian movement is

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