Wednesday, March 12, 2008

If you support unconstitutional traffic laws, and the lack of jury trials that accompanies them...

...Then you also support roads that are actually less safe, too. Too bad uninformed socialist idiots appear to be the majority A and majority B in the country that used to be America right now. The concept of a free, capitalist country is great, but try as they might, the force worshippers and collectivist idiots can never put aside their bigotry, ignorance, and jealousy enough to make it happen. The typical assholes filling the voting booths this fall will be rushing out in vast hordes to shoot down even such basic freedoms as free speech and free trade in simple health products. Not that anything separates Obama from the other two lukewarm socialists (McCain and Clinton II).

Of course, if you're not a slime bucket, you could always do your part to call off the socialist dogs, by voting Libertarian. (The candidate that has the ability to make the LP a serious force this year is Wayne Root. Any other choice will relegate them to ongoing obscurity.) You could also go a step further and actually actively support individual freedom. Any takers?

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