Saturday, March 15, 2008

"Perverting the Course of Justice" --The Allegation Proving the "Divine Right of Kings" (insofar as "muscle over mind" rules the day)

The UK is a slave state, where the head of the church is also the head of the state. The once free America is now following slavishly in the footsteps of the Crown it once rebelled against. I can't recommend this articlefrom "The Newspaper" highly enough, for showing the masses exactly how true my prior two sentences are. The details on a weekly basis how much freedom we're all giving up to the totalitarian police state that controls the world's motorways. (I highly recommend signing up for their newsletter).

Thanks to the destruction of jury rights, there is no longer any such thing as a "Freeway" (in the literal or figurative senses of the term). It's bedtime for democracy, because without juries, "Democracy" is meaningless --it allows us only to choose a master that is less brutal than a hypothetical "total brute" --it in no way allows individual freedom.

Only a jury comprised of people who are not being paid by the government can do that. Otherwise, the conflict of interest is too great --history has proven this over, and over, and over again...

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