Sunday, December 25, 2011

To Bloody Hell With Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich is a grotesque demogogue. Here are two things you need to know about him:

1) Newt introduced a bill in 1997 that would sentence individuals to death for possession of two ounces of marijuana. For those of you who aren't intimately acquainted with marijuana or the black market, this amount of marijuana is often encountered in this context: sell one ounce, and have the profit from that sale pay for the remaining ounce (an amount that might last a regular user for one month). So, your son or daughter at college has a room-mate who is selling marijuana as a small-time dealer and heavy user. He/She doesn't want to pay for his/her marijuana, so he/she buys two ounces (which, even if smoked all at once, would not kill them, as an entire bottle of LEGAL hard liquor could kill someone without a significant tolerance). Under a totalitarian Gingrich America, your son or daughter is now being sentenced to death, if they try to take that marijuana across an arbitrary state border. Newt also supports eliminating jury trials for drug crimes, as Singapore has. (How does that work in a constitutional republic?! What does the word "republican" even mean to a totalitarian like Newt?) Now, Gingrich did this when anti-drug hysteria made his actions seem reasonable, and he defended this stance less than two weeks ago, here. Do you want to vote for someone who embraces state-sponsored murder when the political climate dictates that the culture is bankrupt enough for murder? If so, you're absolutely no different than the nazis who did the same thing in 1934 Germany. Hitler, like Newt, informed the world about what he intended to do, before he did it. Those who supported or support either man deserve whatever retribution the defenders of the enlightenment could heap upon them.

2) Newt was paid 1.6 Million by Fannie Mae, a quasi-government institution that was behind the easy government-backed credit and corresponding mortgage crash. He claims this Federal Reserve-backed (coercively tax-financed) as "private sector" work. Don't you wish your "private sector" work would pay you a gauranteed $1.6 million un-earned dollars? If you buy into Newt's interpretation of the events, you're dumber than a boot. Working for tax dollars =/= "private sector work."

Now, if you support the juryless death sentences Newt wants to hand out in example #, you're an immoral, evil person. And if you want your government masters to make oodles of cash on your labor, as indicated by example #2, you're a servile sucker.

...To vote for Newt Gingrich, you've got to be both evil, and a sucker.

Now, Mitt Romney doesn't often exhibit the sociopathic swagger of Newt Gingrich in public (unless it's directed toward Dave Ridley of The Ridley Report), but his policies are more or less identical to Newt's. Mitt's also a supporter of the DEA, ONDCP, and Federal Reserve (and every other big-government program). Neither of these clowns would repeal anything: they are simply lying to you if they say they would, since they never give any specifics that they can possibly be held to. And neither of them would ever dare to impound federal funds, or issue pardons to mala prohibita offenders, as a Libertarian candidate would.

Perry's a blithering idiot who can't remember his core reasons for running for president (at least any such reasons beyond number one and number two). Bachmann's an unelectable theocratic simpleton who alternately champions and condemns Ron Paul, without a clear strategy for dealing with Iran, other than "delegate to the generals" (who take their marching orders from the central bankers who will profit from endless war). Santorum is a mindless and unelectable social bigot whose grotesque bigotry has been roundly condemned and attacked by the gay community.

In short, if you don't vote for Ron Paul in the Republican Primary, you're a damned idiot, and a traitor to everything about America that remains free.

Ron Paul is the only Republican in the race who supports the supremacy of the jury in our legal system. As such, he is the only candidate who supports the rule of law, and the proud tradition of western civilization. Be an American: Vote Ron Paul.

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