Tuesday, December 27, 2011

If Ron Paul Loses the Republican Primary...

...He should announce that he's running as a Libertarian, and that he will seek the LP nomination in Las Vegas, with R.J. Harris, Paul Butler, or Jesse Ventura as his running mate. Paul could easily win the nomination, and it would allow him another 6 months of "money bomb" style fundraising, which he could use to mount an effective Jury Rights Activism campaign, from coast to coast. This would do vastly more to legitimize libertarianism than any politician running for office. Simultaneously, it would PROVE that Ron Paul cares about minorities and the downtrodden: by removing the government boot from their necks. We know that Ron Paul comprehends jury nullification of law, (AKA "jury veto"), because he's spoken so eloquently on the subject.

...Or, he should endorse R.J. Harris for the LP nomination. R.J. Harris is a stellar human being and a dedicated libertarian and Ron Paul supporter. He makes a great "Plan B."

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