Monday, July 4, 2011

We All Celebrate the 4th of July for Different Reasons: Why I Celebrate

Some otherwise fine and decent people have recently complained about fireworks, on their facebook pages, not being the type who like loud noises.

In my home state of IL, there are leech-like government parasites twenty levels deep in every area of human endeavor. Yet, the poor and middle class mexicans in my neighborhood have the balls to set off totally illegal fireworks, in open defiance of their illegality. This DOES, in fact, send an important message to our police state, and the police who enforce it: "This far, but no further."

And this heroic sentiment is why the gadsden flag is flying outside my residence, this 4th.

The louder and more illegal the display, the more resolutely the busybodies are being told (and shown): "THIS FAR, AND NO FURTHER. ...YOUR TIME IS GOING TO COME."

And when I'm asked why I'm blowing things up, there are a few different answers I might give:

1) I'm celebrating the last time that people openly gunned down police and politicians in North America, and got away with it.

2) I'm celebrating the Camden 28's jury, that set them free for the destruction of government draft cards, in open defiance of the law. The jury found that the draft cards were "property that had no right to exist." (If only they had made that discovery before 58,000 Americans died in Vietnam!) ...I'm also celebrating every other jury that had the balls to resolutely hold fast to a vote of "not guilty" even though the accused had clearly broken the law --setting an innocent person free, even though the prosecutor and judge had violated all of their rights, trying to pressure them into sending an innocent person to an undeserved punishment.

We all celebrate for different reasons. Some legitimate, others less so.

The high treason that has reduced our freedom and our lifespans so horribly sometimes makes it unclear that we have this remaining freedom. Government (and government-protected cartels') interference with medical freedom has cut all of our healthspans in half. Restrictions on basic property rights abound in every state. Our paper money makes us all indentured serfs of the Federal Reserve.

...But so long as we're alive, there is freedom to choose, and freedom to act.

We should never forget that it can get a lot worse, and it WILL get a lot worse, if we don't stand up for ourselves, and draw a line in the sand.

The earth-shattering, window-pane-rattling, bang of a "concussion grenade" (an airborn M-80) exploding 150 feet in the air is a wonderful reminder of what it sounds like when a .308 round is fired from a rifle at close range.

...It's a fearful sound. Let the politicians cringe, indoors. Let them bemoan the fact that the public is not minding their bogus laws.

And let the common man realize that the laws are written to be enforced selectively. Let him look up the amount of prison time that he could receive for the things he's done today. Let him figure out that his bloated and unconstitutional government is not his friend.

And let him make a private, personal, patriotic oath to himself:

1) The redcoats will never take me alive.

2) If I am called for jury duty, I will tell the prosecutor what they want to hear, and I will be seated on the jury. I will then absolutely refuse to convict anyone who has not aggressed against another person. I will vote "not guilty", even if it means that the jury is hung.

3) And, there is that one thing, that one line which the state may not cross. That private line is known only to me. That line is different for every man, but every man has such a line. Well, I am a man, and I know where my line in the sand is. If that line is crossed, I will declare war, and no force on earth will stop me from extracting my revenge on those responsible.

So, in my opinion, the Fourth of July is a good reminder that in order for true freedom to exist, THINGS MUST GO BANG!

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