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Instruction Set For Winning Increased Individual Freedom

1) Read this essay:
2) Print out (or order for five cents apiece) as many copies of the above pamphlet as you can, and hand them out to other people. You've achieved a minor success when you've fully communicated the following facts to even one person:
(a) America currently doesn't have proper, constitutional jury trials, and that has caused every other tyranny that once existed and currently exists, from Southern chattel slavery, to our current enslavement to fiat currency, to the drug war, to gun control, to the bailout of the big bankers and the federal debt. (A rigged federal jury recently found Bernard von Nothaus guilty of offering an alternative to paper money.)
(b) American jury trials were gradually weakened by a series of changes that allowed judges and prosecutors to punish vastly more people, in 5 major ways. (outlined below)
(c) You need to withhold information about yourself during jury selection, or be willing to give unclear answers to State prosecutors, in order to counteract the destruction of the jury system. (This is not dishonest, because the destruction of the system to its current state has made the trial system itself into a lie. Lying to avoid detection of an unjust violation of your privacy is not a lie at all --it is a failure or rejection of subjecting yourself to immoral compulsion.)
3) Spreading this information to at least 1 in 12 potential jurors is all that is necessary to reinstate justice in your local area. After your local area is secure, you can safely expand outward to additional territory, by driving to neighboring courthouses or districts.
4) #3 can be done door-to-door in your area, or it can be done in front of your local courthouse. If this activity is done in front of your local courthouse, you need to have someone videotape it, and you should also be videotaping it yourself (unless you are in one of the states where the first amendment right to gather exculpatory evidence is now illegal, such as IL, MA, or MD). When, not if, you are threatened with arrest and/or arrested, you will be much better off if you can generate a lot of public sympathy and attention with video proof that you did nothing wrong. In the states where it is illegal to videotape government employees, you risk being charged with felony violation of their right to privacy, and lacking evidence to exonerate your conduct, the witness against you will all be authority figures, and your jury will be prosecution-selected conformists. The judge and prosecutor will dismiss all independent-thinking nonconformists from your jury during "voir dire".

100% of the battle for individual liberty is the battle to reinstate proper jury trials in the USA. Most people can’t name the 6 major ways jury trials have been eroded, and hence, they are simply tools of tyranny. [[1-"voir dire" "prosecutorial jury selection" (1851-present), 2-licensing of lawyers (1832-present), 3-false judicial instruction of jurors (1895-present), 4-silencing of constitutional arguments with threat of "contempt of court" citations and "motions in limine" (gag orders) 1800s-present, 5-high pressure plea bargains combined with the threat of cruel and unusual punishment if they are not taken "carrot and stick" greatly increased from 1970s-present with the "war on (some) drugs"), 6-the loss of access to the grand jury by the general public.]]

Until we regain control of our court system (and then education system), we will be more tyrannized than the early American colonists were, under King George III. What is necessary is localized jury rights activism in all 50 states. 10% of the membership of the libertarian Party is now roughly 4,000 people (and growing, thanks to Ron Paul's 2008 presidential run). There are 3,143 counties (including “boroughs” in AK, and “parishes” in LA) in the USA.

Now, let’s say that 1/10 of that membership wanted to get serious about winning individual freedom, and –not knowing anything about how to actually win that individual freedom themselves– they decided to hire a number equivalent to 10% of themselves who did know something about that subject. That would be 40 people, paid to win individual freedom for the USA. That's a manageable number, of young single people (males are slightly less effective at outreach than females, but they are more likely to put in long hours, and stick with with the activism over the course of a year or so).

Let’s say it takes 2-3 people per courthouse to “interfere with” the prosecution of victimless crimes. (My experience has borne this out. One person must videotape the attempted violation of free speech, covertly, while the other person verbally engages the public.) Let’s say it costs around $150/month for a 4G data plan that will stream video of this interaction to a server. Let’s say it costs $3,000 for a car, $200/month in auto insurance, $40 gas per day (since this can’t happen right away, and many counties are rural, gas costs will be inflated to around $270 per week by the time this plan is put into effect, with $250 for each change of venue), and $300 per week for a motel.

OK. 40 people isn’t enough for the entire USA, all at once. But it is enough for any given low population State. A sortable list of average county populations is given here:

There are two ways a county’s jury rights activism can be organized:

1) selecting for people who are being tyrannized + people who show up for jury duty who are being asked to tyrannize them. (people who show up to the courthouse)

2) gradually reaching every single person in the entire county, door-to-door. (This has the added benefit that territory can be won according to political districts –from city council districts and then mayor, then county districts, and then State legislature. Once a 51% majority has been won on the state legislature, the governor’s race can be won, and nonviolent offenders can be reliably pardoned, and federal statutes can be nullified. Unfortunately, this approach costs more, and likely takes longer to reach emergent order, unless the county population is small. For ultra-low county populations, such as SD, ND, and Loving County, TX this might be the way to go.)

The “Free State Project” (a plan to move 20,000 libertarian freedom-lovers to one state, and take over its government) is therefore an admirable idea. But there are severe problems with it: NH (the state chosen) has the largest state legislature in the entire nation (over 400 seats!). Also, libertarianism is not likely to ever “take off” there, because most people are bigots who support what they (correctly or incorrectly) perceive to be “the status quo”. (And the culture of tyranny and corruption –that is, state employment– are both very great in NH.) A return to the actual jury system of the USA –upon showing people how it’s been subverted by judges and prosecutors– is somewhat more likely than a political return to individual liberty on an issue-by-issue basis at the polls (which require 51% to win, and the more pro-freedom positions a candidate has, the less likely he is to win).

But on any individual issue, at least one person in 12 is highly likely to disagree with unnecessary punishment of another individual (unless that individual actually did violate someone else’s rights).

To that end, here are some excellent websites, pamphlets, and fliers you can download and use to spread the message in your area:
—Again, what I consider to be the best pamphlet to show the average specimen of Boobus americanus (H.L. Mencken's term for the uninformed American submitizen) that he is no longer living under a constitutional government.

—Comprehensive knowledge and hundreds of links about the rights, duties, and power of the jury.
–An emphasis on how the openly racist “war on (some) drugs” has destroyed the African American Community, and how jury rights activism can reverse this sad, sad trend in the USA.

The United States is –like the failed German Weimar Republic– a doomed church of state. People now hold government as a solution to problems, without recognizing that government, by its nature is coercive (since you cannot "opt out" or refuse to financially support it. Even if you make no payments whatsoever, and all your transactions are black market, you still support the government with your labor, by allowing them to inflate the currency supply.). Without recognition of the prior facts, and correction of the situation those facts describe, the system will trend toward sociopathy, over time, as it has. Since we’ve had 131 years of government “education” of our young (when they tend to uncritically accept what they’ve been told), our system is now completely corrupt (history and philosophy, including jury rights, are no longer taught in the government schools).

Luckily, as tech-philosopher Kevin Kelly notes, “A system is anything that talks to itself”. Systems tend to self-correct, or self-destroy. They remain in motion, (or cycle in motion, as even a stupid system such as a toilet does) caused by continual communication (feedback). The smarter the system, the more complex the interaction of the system nodes. (Flocks of birds with birds reacting to the birds around them, are intelligent. Human brains’ neocortices reacting to neurons around them are vastly more intelligent still, especially when they are highly-self-educated with directed feedback. Superhuman intelligences modeled on neocortices will be vastly more intelligent still, since they will not be limited by cranium space.)

The Lilburnian (Jeffersonian, in the USA) jury system exhibits a wonderful emergent order. It is an emergent order that allows human compassion and forgiveness. It is anarchic, because it places the government below optimal human intelligence and judgment (See movie: “12 Angry Men”). Proper juries exhibit remarkable intelligence.

But right now, in the USA, proper juries don’t exist. That’s the one single problem that allows all other manners of tyranny and oppression to exist. When we solve that problem, all the other problems will solve themselves.

Do you really think that if juries existed, for instance, not one in 12 people would sympathize with peaceful ownership of firearms or marijuana? The USA currently has 2.4 million people in prison, with 73% of them there for first time nonviolent drug offenses (according to former NM governor Gary Johnson, in his radio interview with Free Talk Live).

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