Monday, April 21, 2008

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Jeff Wartman said...


What are your thoughts on Bob Barr?

Jake Witmer said...

At the time this question was posed, the jury was out on Bob Barr. I hadn't researched his position on jury rights yet. Sadly, they came back negative, and unchanged as of the convention. I went to work for him in WV (kind of, hired on an oral "screw me" contract, having been promised by moron Shane Cory that the contract would be signed and sent back to my email, which it never was). Cory tried to rip me off in WV, and Verney aided him in that effort.

So, ...I don't like Bob Barr. When he ran for President under the LP banner, the LP went to shit, from a structural and organizational perspective. Also, he hired worthless anti-libertarian assholes like Shane Cory and Russell Verney to manage his campaign.

Moreover, when questioned about his support of jury nullification of law at the National Convention in Denver, Barr replied like a prosecutor, defending his prior statements _against_ jury nullification. Roger Roots of FIJA actually asked him the question, from information I had printed about Barr's commentary on the Yates jury. (Barr's commentary on a murder trial where "the Yates jury" arguably gave a wrongful verdict. Barr attacked "common law" jury trials instead of solely attacking the Yates Jury's decision. He stated that they were "to take the law as the judge gave it to them" --the common anti-libertarian and false instruction that juries are given. This kind of thinking is anti-freedom, and anti-libertarian, and even anti-Jeffersonian Republic.)

Barr is an unreformed drug warrior / prosecutor which is a mutually exclusive thing to being libertarian. Barr became libertarian on some of the issues AFTER his time in congress (where he was anti-libertarian to the extent that the National LP ran attack ads against him). That said, he sounded like a saint when he criticized the Bush Administration and the loss of privacy rights.

...If he would have kept on talking the good talk on those issues, I probably would have never become a Barr critic. But he didn't. He became a woefully-flawed "standard-bearer" for the Libertarian message, and backed away from libertarian ideas when he appeared on Nationwide TV (Hannity).

...As such, I dislike Bob Barr. I also really dislike the fact that his stooges, Russell Verney and Shane Cory, grossly fucked up the WV petition drive, when it could have easily been successful. Neither of those two nasty idiots should ever work in politics again.

They are both the worst kind of stupid + evil combination possible. They should go to work for the Democrats and Republicans so their evil and vindictiveness can be attacked by Libertarians, not supported by them.