Saturday, November 24, 2007

My updated comments on whom I think the most effective Libertarian Petitioner in the nation is...?

...And no, it's no longer Eric "straw man" Dondero. Eric is now the most effective _political pragmatist_ political petitioner in the nation. The following quote:

"Eric Dondero is simply the most effective, reliable, and consistent Libertarian political petitioner in the country." Jake Witmer, Libertarian Party of Alaska

attributed to me on ED's website went out-of-date on 11/20/2007. It was at this time that Eric indicated that he cared nothing for truth, and everything for the range of the moment paycheck (Which ideologically makes him more of a "Democrat" than anything else). (Eric apparently is trying to get a job as a political whore with the Giuliani campaign, and he realizes that he needs to sell his soul to that bucktoothed devil before they'll even consider him.)

Sure, it's possible to be an "interventionist libertarian", as Eric Dondero claims to be. I personally think that that stance requires a kind of gullibility regarding the perceived competence of both the federal government, and America's religious enemies, but it is philosophically possible and philosophically legitimate (stemming from the idea that it's the job of the government to provide for defense of the nation and thus prevent the anarchy of continual attack from threatening rogue nations). However, Eric is not a pro-war libertarian. He is a pro-war RINO (Republican in name only).

If domestic liberty mattered to Eric Dondero, THEN, and only then, he could be called a libertarian. --But Eric doesn't give a rat's ass about free trade, gun rights ( ), drug rights, medical rights ( ), jury rights ( ), or objective currency ( ). If he did care about any of those things, he would swallow his pride, and support his old boss's presidential campaign.

But Eric's pride is the biggest thing in the world. And pride is what fires neurons in the prion-infested sponge that is his brain.

Eric would have to be insane in order for him to turn against his former boss, Ron Paul, at the very height of his (Ron Paul's) electability. Luckily, Ron Paul is as correct about Eric Dondero as he is everything else. Ron Paul has a perfect track record in his 20 years in congress. PERFECT. His opinion on Dondero? “If Eric Dondero is all I have to worry about, I don’t have much to worry about."

Giuliani (who is currently touted by Eric Dondero as a "libertarian") is just another goddamned corporate fascist who in no way stands for individual liberty. Even a cursory look online will reveal this, and anyone who "googles" Giuliani in any depth will find that he was a terrible tyrant of a prosecutor who stood squarely against property rights of any kind. (Google: Milken Giuliani to see what he did to stockmarket traders for the 'horrible crime' of investing their money in low-priced stocks.)

Therefore, to support Giuliani over Paul is not just anti-libertarian, it's also demonstrably stupid. Eric convinced no intelligent person that Giuliani was libertarian. Moreover, the only thing he is doing is getting a few unintelligent people to mistakenly think they are either libertarian (if they like Giuliani) or mistakenly think they are not libertarian (if they dont like Giuliani). Either way, the only thing Dondero has done is to create a small amount of confusion amongst a small number of already confused people.

Before throwing himself full force into the job of selling his own soul, Dondero actually was a good mostly-libertarian petitioner. (He would get around 200 signatures per day in a location where a really good petitioner would get around 300). But, admittedly, he was consistent. He took no days off, and he would steadily do those 200 signatures. Well, shit, I guess I'd better give the military some credit for training him.

In 2006 he helped me out by going to Anchorage, Alaska to try to repeal a socialist-sponsored ban on smoking that wound up passing anyway. The passage of this local ban made me realize that although Alaska might be worth fighting for, there needs to be a media war waged against the socialist assholes who run Anchorage before it will make any difference.

...So I gave Eric a compliment at his website that he no longer deserves. Incidentally, I also recently blocked him from all of my email accounts, for not replying to any logical point I raised (as a legitimate adversary would have done), but for merely repeating his earlier and fully-refuted arguments. (Eric follows the mantra of Hitler, believing that if something is said often enough, people will start to believe it. Hence, he is a busy beaver online, repeating his lies and distortions on as many webpages as possible, and promoting his own lie-filled blogs to the maximum.)

Sadly (for Eric), now that he has entered the ranks of political pragmatist petitioners, there are thousands of more effective petitioners all across the nation. Moreover, if Dondero is hired by you, you can't really be sure where his loyalties lie. (After all, just look at the teensy-tiny, ineffective smear campaign he's tried to mount against his former boss, Ron Paul. He tried every trick in the book, and a few political insiders and a few liberal reporters even briefly paid a bit of attention to him!) Perhaps Eric's loyalties are in the same dark anus where his head is currently located! The questions: is it Giuliani's or his own? ...and... ...does it really matter?

As far as the most effective libertarian petitioner in the nation, I think the title currently goes to Russell Bagget, who was referred to me by Richard Winger of ballot access news ( ). Russell has pulled a minimum of 250 signatures per day out of post offices every single day this past week. He has regularly cleared the 300 signature mark, in rural areas in Illinois' 17th and 18th districts.

Of course, he has the distinction of working for Ron Paul, Eric's old boss (who is an actual libertarian Republican).

Russell Baggett is certainly one of the most effective petitioners in the nation. His per signature average is MUCH higher than Dondero's ever was. And he gets up earlier and dawdles less than Eric.

From my conversation with Russell, he sounds like a libertarian Republican. ...And of course, he actually has the distinction of working for one, ...unlike Eric.

To recap: I am glad that Eric has done libertarian work in the past, but I am not glad he's currently working in favor of pure undiluted fascism. This marks him as a mark, a hired gun, an apolitical pigeon of political pragmatism -NOT a libertarian. And if one is a petitioner, but not a libertarian petitioner, then who cares? ...Any young ruffian can be plucked off the streets and paid a buck a sig from the taxpayer's wallet.

...So 'good luck' with pimping "Ghouliani" AKA "Nosferatuliani" AKA "drag-queen anti-gun fascist from NYC", Eric. I hope that works out for y... ...uhh... ...actually, I hope it gets you exactly what you deserve.


Eric Dondero said...

Given up my title to Russell Baggett?

Gladly. Russell is a fucking legend. He once collected over 800 signatures in one day. I've always said that Baggett was the best petitioner in the country.

I'm the best on the consistency front. Like you say, I'm reliable, and always show up to work on time, unlike some people we know?

Ya know, there are some petitioners who get lost for days, and others who hide in their hotel rooms and don't answer the door when their petitioning partners pound on it, at the height of the drive.

Present company excluded, of course.

Eric Dondero said...
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Jake Witmer said...

Okay, Eric, I owe you $40.00. And you owe me $150 for the weekly rate motel room that you had agreed to share with me in La Quinta, while working for your "Republican" scum friends who defrauded BOTH of us (they never paid me, and still owe me $4,500, for a week's worth of work in the California desert). Or did you forget that you threw a temper tantrum at the time (because I refused to campaign for Bonnie Garcia for free, when even she herself told me that she didn't want me out "campaigning for free", but rather muddying my soul by gathering republican registrations), and reneged on your agreement? $40.00 - $150.00 = -$110.00, so you owe me $110.00. In addition to the $110.00 that you owe me, we both know that it would have been easier to get paid if you had kept your sanity, and we had been each others' witnesses when the Saragosa Company, working for the Bonnie Garcia campaign had defrauded us. I had to take legal action to get my $4,500, and you had to call in favors from Bruce Cohen. Incidentally, I believe that you owe Bruce at least $40 in gas.

In truth, I don't really care about the $40 dollars. I am just posting this to make sure that everyone knows exactly how much personal integrity you have. I could afford to pay you $150 right now, and not even notice it, because I'm working for your wildly successful former boss, Ron Paul.

He's wildly successful, because he is marketing populist, mainstream, libertarian ideas. Of course, you have no idea what "mainstream" or "libertarian" actually means, so I'll leave you to wallow in your delusional state, while you resort to mindlessly repeating arguments that have been completely destroyed by your truly.

And by the way, Russel Baggett and Andy Jacobs are vastly more consistent than you are as well. Until you get that direly-needed brain surgery/transplant, Adios.

The actual reason why Eric doesn't want Ron Paul to win:

Eric is a political pragmatist who favors victory over principle. This is the exact opposite of someone who may rightly call themselves "libertarian".

While I understand that minor defeats in principle should be acceptable to major advancement of principle that accompanies winning (in both war and politics), this is the only similarity that my views have ever had to Dondero's. Moreover, I wish to note that I have only agreed with Dondero before the BSE prions had completely eaten away his brain. The only good or legitimate work I've seen Eric do with my own eyes was while he was working for Paul Jacob , or for Libertarian ballot access in the Houston area (before Badnarik got the nomination). Even then, he exhibited occasional signs of brain damage (like when he threw down his fork on his freshly-arrived steak dinner, and stormed out of a mexican restaurant in Houston because a broadcasting director at a "leftist" radio station, named Clay Smith, had momentarily been invited into our discussion -leaving his old friend Scott Kohlhaas, as well as his current employer the TX LP, to pay for his steak dinner).

(A FURTHER NOTE ON THE HOUSTON MEXICAN RESTAURANT INCIDENT: Ironically, Smith had introduced himself to the discussion by agreeing with Scott Kohlhaas's anti-war and anti-drug-war remarks, and was extending the Libertarian Party of Texas an olive branch and offering us free air time, when Dondero called him "scum of the earth" and stormed out. Smith was rightly offended, and politely excused himself. But that's Dondero: helping to discredit --by association-- free market politics for 20 years!)

Really though, the basic problem with Eric is that he completely fails to understand the ideas he espouses. He has zero understanding of why the decentralization of power is necessary to living in a free Republic, or why pre-election compromise leads to post-election failure. Advanced philosophical and political thinking is beyond him. As such, he makes a motivated political worker, and nothing more. As long as you can convince him (and all it takes is a paycheck) that your side is "less communist" than the oppostion, he will work long hours for you (and they will be at least semi-productive).

This is why his politics have gotten progressively more Trotskyist. In his thinking: "There's a big difference between Trotsky and Lenin." ...The rest of the libertarian world knows better.

Eric names "Atlas Shrugged" as his second favorite book. (His first is "A Tale of Two Cities"). Sadly, he will never know John Galt, and he'll never rise to the stature of an Eddie Willers. Sadly, the only thing Eric really learned from Ayn Rand was her ability to compromise politically. (In isolation from her ability to analyze why she had been wrong.) ...Time to open that big thick book and give it a second read, Eric. Maybe this time, you'll realize that Ayn Rand was more adept at philosophical thinking than she was at politically and strategically advancing her ideas.

It may be true that someone who is 90% libertarian and electable is a better choice of candidate than someone who is 100% libertarian and unelectable. However, I don't agree that someone who is 10% libertarian and 90% anti-libertarian is worth fighting for at all. Then again, I am not a pragmatist political worker, such as yourself.

I work for causes that deserve to win, like: