Sunday, November 25, 2007

Eric Dondero is hereby Banned From Posting on this Blog.

Since Eric Dondero cannot refrain from using fallacious arguments, he is hereby banned from posting on this blog. Recently, several friends of Eric's have mentioned that his political rantings appear to be financially-motivated. Since he's backing "Ghouliani", AKA "Nosferatuliani" AKA "the cross-dressing, fascist, former prosecutor from New York City", we can only infer that perhaps that particular minion of big government authoritarianism is the one paying him. Bruce Cohen, a California libertarian indicated that Dondero wanted to be put in contact with the higher-level Ghouliani campaign in California, so perhaps he finally landed a job with them. Either way, this statement, marks Dondero as both a traitor to mainstreaming libertarianism and an authoritarian not worth dealing with.

Any posting of Eric Dondero that avoids 'ad-hominem' arguments, 'repetition' (especially to previously addressed issues), and 'straw man' arguments will be allowed on this board in the interest of open exchange. However, since Eric clearly doesn't understand what those things are, and uses them constantly, this translates into: "Eric Dondero has hereby been banned from posting on this blog."

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Cedric said...

HA HA :)

Sucks to be him...really.