Saturday, October 9, 2010

The White Blues: Oh No!!! ...The Gap Just Changed Their Logo! (And They're Out of Khakis!!!!!!)

Hey, c'mon, people! The New Gap Logo is the biggest thing most white people have to worry about! It's not like they get pulled over for "DWB". LOL (Although, that might be starting to change, now that the automated clusterfrack pulls everyone over, and the literal highway robbery is at an alltime high.)

LOL! George Carling only becomes more right after his death. What a tragedy that he wasn't a member of Alcor! ...And I quote:

George Carlin: White people have no business playing the blues ever, at all, under any circumstances. Ever, ever, ever. What the fuck to white people have to be blue about? "The GAP ran out of khakis"?
George Carlin: "The espresso machine is jammed"?
George Carlin: "Hootie and the Blowfish are breaking up?"
George Carlin: White people ought to understand it's their job to *give* people the blues, not to get them. And certainly not to sing or play them. I'll give you a little tip about the blues, folks: it's not enough to know which notes to play. You need to know why they need to be played.

...We should all take this "gap time" to reflect that America has lost its balls, it has become a spineless socialist nation that is busy impersonating China, while China is impersonating it. They'll meet in the middle, with both being bland socialist tyrannies, and China outperforming the USA with its 1.8 BILLION HUMAN BRAINS (Since intelligence is really the most valuable commodity, and always has been).

...So, we have a pale reflection of America's past glory, never to return, until we lift up our skirt, and strap on a pair of balls again, and flush 99% of our government down the crapper, where it belongs.

This is why stories about Gap logos are so important: they are a barometer of the uselessness of American culture.

Now, I'm doing graphic design work for a large company (so I actually have a reason to read this bullshit! LOL). I am being paid almost nothing. But the company is a multi-million dollar interest that vitally depends on having a professional-looking corporate image. LOL! ...Everything George said is true.

Here's another gem: "You know, you wouldn't say someone was "openly black." Well, maybe James Brown. Or Louis Farrakhan. Louis Farrakhan is openly black. Colin Powell is not openly black. Colin Powell is openly white - he just happens to be black."

..and that's more of the problem. America elected an "openly white" black man, instead of an openly black black man. LOL!!! Let's face it, there's only one area where there is still true anti-minority racism in our system: The prison industrial complex. And what's the one area that Barack Obama will never touch, because his Rockefeller paymasters wouldn't continue to support him (and might assassinate him)? ...The drug war, and other victimless crimes! As this recent article in The Economist indicates, nothing has changed (except for the worse) since Schlosser wrote the prior linked article in the Atlantic Monthly in 1998 (which I bought off the shelf, even way back then).

And where are the property rights then, that allow Americans private control over our bodies, businesses, and lives? GONE, clipped off! ...along with the cajones.

Zaijian, America!

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