Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Cutting Edge of Jury Rights Activism

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sk1951 said...

We just saw the bill to audit the feds being shot down with 320 cosponsors...truly remarkable. Ron Paul is doing all he can to wake people up to the plight of the dollar. But few are interested...YET. Here is another bill 4248 that has only ONE sponsor Ron Paul...proof that the feds have no interest in helping America to stop the inflation.

I wish the Tea Party would take one step further and not only want taxes overhauled but ask that our financial structure also be overhauled. The Federal Reserve must be rained in.

The problem is that RP makes to much sense for the common man. Common man wants the NWO and "wealth distribution." The United States...well no...the "Federated America" is in an all out world take over bid. They have used the shiny coin entitlement stratagem to blind the American entitlement "social" crowed instilling a feeling in them of safety in the arms of Uncle Sam... They are clueless of where their benefits even come from. They are unwilling to see that social means socialistic in the words of the wealth redistributes.

The NWO has tested and seceded in this stratagem in America and now hope to blind and take over the world with this re distribution of wealth scam currently called cap and trade. The world stands ready to take the worthless checks from America to build on a sand foundation. Once most of the world is under the hypnotic spell of the almighty dollar and its socialistic benefactor...the plug will be pulled and the NWO financial domination will ensue. Our government has become evil. One world government will not be won with armies. It will be won with financial stratagem.

Ron Paul stands alone. He is not for government he is for the people. He is old world old school and old "organic" constitutionalists. He will probably go down in history with little or no notice of him in the history books. But he will burn forever in my heart and in the hand full of the true and real patriots of the true Republic or the United States...for which HE stands...