Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Am Deeply Angered By "The RAVE Act"

"The RAVE Act":
An act of Congress that allows the DEA (Drug Enforcement Assholes) to fine (and possibly jail) party promoters $250,000, not for drug use of any kind, but for providing the music venue and promotion itself, if drug use should occur at the venue. In short, it makes the venue promoters into unwilling police/drug agents/snitches, under threat of cruel and unusual punishment worse than anything that King George III was ever guilty of when the American colonists rebelled against him, using force of arms. (Amazing how "hipster" Obama simply allows this immense tyranny to continue, when he could easily put a stop to it. I guess once we have fascism in place, no elected fascist wants to impinge on any prior fascism --especially not the fascism promoted by his VP choice.) ...Another example of government retarding the arts, entertainment, human freedom, and progress.
A full description of "the RAVE Act":

Legislative history of "the RAVE Act":
and from

---from the above---
"Senator Biden was one of the original drafters of the legislation that created the Office of National Drug Control Policy, an anti-drug office of the White House. In addition, Biden helped to craft the original crack-house statute designed to punish owners of properties on which drug offenses take place and co-sponsored legislation that created federal mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenses. Then Biden turned his attention to ecstasy and raves, most likely in response to media hype about the "dangerous drug parties" corrupting our nation’s young people. His reaction may have been in order to win votes, to keep his constituents happy or because he truly fears for the lives of America’s youth. Most likely it is a combination of all these factors. Politicians are known to react viciously when faced with new "dangers": for example, "crack" in the '80s."

An example of the human suffering that the Rave Act causes:

Dave Kopel (an expert on gun rights) notes that Tom Daschle is the author of the language itself (although Biden pimped it and pushed it through the legislature):

Let's unite the gun rights crowd with the drug rights crowd: they have much in common. The very first step towards doing this is to bring a xeroxed copy of "How Drug Laws Hurt Gun Owners" by John Ross (from the collection: The New Prohibition ed. Bill Masters, Accurate Press) to every gun store you visit, and to every electronic music specialty store as well, with the article linked immediately prior attached. Anthony Gregory writes a similar essay here, for the libertarian "Future of Freedom Foundation" titled Gun Control and the War on Drugs

Unity in defense of freedom prevails, over time. Fellow Gun Owners of America, let's unite with those who wish a change to our nation's intolerable drug laws.

OPTIMAL SOLUTION: The singularity does not save or extend Joe Biden's natural lifespan. I look forward to attending a "rave" over Joe Biden's grave. In fact, I hope a wealthy billionaire instigates a grand jury investigation into Biden for treason, eventually bankrupting him, and forcing him into a pauper's death (Grand juries everywhere have this power, and should take note of it! and ). After that, I hope his publicly-villified, vitrified remains (minus the brain, which should be cremated by Alcor technicians) are placed under the entrance to an electronic dance music hall, with a notice that says "Here lies the pathetic, ruined corpse of Joe Biden, 20th-century-era petty tyrant and opponent to dance music, property rights, and individual freedom." --Anyone who is a screenwriter may also use this idea, but noone may copyright this idea. This idea is hereby "copylefted", so that it can appear in multiple pieces of fiction and entertainment. If life imitates art, poetic justice will have been served.

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