Thursday, July 9, 2009

CheckpointUSA: an excellent youtube series/blog on unlawful government checkpoints

Recalls " be leaned on by halfwits" in "The Usual Suspects". LOL

I think this guy is great. I love how he stands his ground when they try to escalate things. It takes a civilized man to put the rule-dogs in their place.

Listen to the illiterate "Agent Soto" "You are doing an instruction to my job", "This is easy" --Yeah, it's easy to waive your rights...
What an ignorant asshole!

Examine the "logic" of the other assholes:
"Agent/Tool Gilmore": "Are you gonna hinder our progress?"
Destroying and disrespecting the rule of law is not "progress".

"You are creating a safety hazard for these other drivers right now"
Yeah, because he stopped them all. Right. Duhhrrrrr...
...Fucking illiterate mongoloids. Amazing video.

It's like a game of "Simon Says!" I love the bluff threats of arrest.

I'm so glad he didn't pull his car off to the side. Big Balls. Looks like he knows the law. I love the ending. "State it very clearly, Agent Soto, am I free to go?" I love how it's all a mystery to the damned dog in a man's body. "But master, I barked at him, and now you're going to let him into the house??!" "...Heel."

And he drives away with no problems. The cops don't know what to do with someone who knows their rights and exercises them.

Too bad we let it get to this point. In another few years, the Gestapo will probably just start shooting civilians who exercise their rights, and the country will fall into bloody pandemonium. Let's enjoy our fiat currency police state while it lasts.

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