Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Papers Please! All Aboard! ...Last Stop, Auschwitz...

This latest essay of mine asks what will happen if
we do not begin stopping the violations of our rights,
as they are happening. ...If we do not begin to defend
ourselves with force, when we are met with force.

They have overwhelming force, but they do not have
planning or intelligence. They bully us with brute force
and expect us to submit. We should learn to disappoint
them, as did a small group of "citizen-subjects" in Warsaw,
Poland, in 1941.

Do you want to hear what became of America?
It died a long, long time ago. It died when Americans
refused to rebel the first time they were told that
they couldn't own whatever private property they
wanted to own, and when they lost the product
of their labor to the Federal Reserve. And now, we
have mongoloids in airports demanding that we
waive our rights, without cause, provocation, or


I'm sorry to use such harsh language, but listening
to the following recording made my blood boil. I
understand that socialists like Ashcroft and
Gonzalez and Holder have all turned America's
eagles into vultures, but sometimes I can't view it
dispassionately. I spent all day at the range,
shooting paper plates at 25 yards with my handguns.
I didn't miss once. I'm so glad I hadn't listened to
this before I left, or I would have been literally
trembling with rage.

Scroll down to the link marked:
"recorded all but the start of the incident"
audio recording of the actual interrogation:

You will hear mindless children in men's bodies
threatening and questioning an American citizen
about why and how he came into possession of
money. How dare he be free to travel, free
from harassment and questioning, and
inconvenience? How dare he assert his rights,
or even ask why they are being abridged?!

They repeatedly threaten him, and pressure him to
waive his 4th amendment rights: "We can avoid all
of this, if you'd just submit."

They proceed to insult his intelligence ("It's a
simple question"), and threaten him with unlawful
DEA searches, harassment, and further
interrogation. They return time and again to
the tired bromide of "If you don't have anything
to hide, then why won't you answer our questions?"

...Maybe because the 4th amendment says he doesn't
have to answer them!

It's "suspicious" if you don't waive your rights.

Just like Germany in the mid 1930s. Everyone
has something to hide! And if they don't, it
can be fabricated, since due process is gone.

Is this the last stop? ...America's final

Few Americans realize that this train ride has
a final destination, since we've allowed the
government unlimited power. The power to hold
the purse strings, the power to make us beg for
permission to own property.

...But the train is moving really slow, and
it's such wonderful scenery!

For temporary comfort and apathy, we've sold
our future down the river, to a slave trader
that makes those in Frederick Douglass's
"Narrative" look positively benign.

Hopefully, us freedom lovers can begin working
together, before the train slows to a halt, and
we find out where our cattle car has taken us.

The man being questioned in the recording? He
works for Ron Paul's "Campaign for Liberty".

As such, he is a suspected "terrorist"

...as is anyone capable of reason, and incapable
of "doublethink".

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Jamey Witmer said...

This is very thought provoking and extremely well written, Jake.