Monday, November 24, 2008

Looking for an inspirational movie showing the little people triumphing over the tyrannical police state? Try these:

The Camden 28 - a movie about the people who broke and entered into a selective service office in Camden, NJ. Among them was an FBI informant who believed in the "rule of society's laws" --so he turned in all of his friends. Then, he was surprised when the state sought to utterly ruin their lives, so he became a sympathetic witness to the defense, showing how the FBI had set them up (via their mole) with the ability to break and enter (they were bumbling liberal jag-offs who otherwise never would have pulled it off). In the end, all of them were acquitted of wrongdoing, via jury nullification of law (the jury knowing that they had broken the law, but acquitting them anyway. For more information see: ) "The Camden 28" is available for sale here:

In Search of the Second Amendment - David T. Hardy's groundbreaking documentary about the racist origins of gun control in America.

Uprising - Jon Avnet's masterful retelling of the story of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Available for order at any Borders or Barnes and Noble bookstore. After a unphilosophical and dying German culture had given up its individual rights to the police state --as well as its weapons of self defense--, these brave individuals decided that life was too precious to die without a fight. Starting with less than 50 handguns, starving, with malnutrition and disease running rampant, the imprisoned Jews retaliated against the nazis from inside the occupied city of Warsaw, which had been converted into a giant prison camp. They held off one of the strongest divisions of the German army for over a month (longer than the entire nations of France and Poland resisted.) This video will shame the tyrant sympathizers who oppose gun rights (if they have any intelligence at all), as it will embolden those who believe in the righteousness of individual freedom. It's not perfect, but for those looking for a good action movie based materially on historical fact, it rocks. As an aside, dealing with the nature of the uprising, there is an excellent piece on the ghetto uprising at the beginning of John Ross's novel "Unintended Consequences" that is probably a little more true to the dire one-sidedness of the fighting conditions in the Ghetto. A real life account of the Ghetto uprising (spoken by survivor Marek Edelman) can be found here: - JPFO (Jews For the Preservation of Firearms Ownership) video about the link between making innocent people defenseless ("gun control") and mass murder by government ("democide").

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