Friday, October 3, 2008

New Strategy For Promoting the Libertarian Vote

Suggest that people only for for someone who never voted or acted against their property rights (this man is the only candidate who can honestly say that: ). Any time you mention one of the mainslime candidates, add "Against Property Rights" in between their first and last names. Joe Biden authored the RAVE Act, Obama supported the building of a new DEA headquarters in New Orleans, McCain has always been a drug warrior, and Sarah Palin (the least toxic of the four mainslime useless candidates) irrationally stands against a woman's right to choose an abortion after conception (when the zygote is a few cells, and represents a potential human only) due to her moronic religious beliefs. Due to these facts, I ask that you stop pretending that the mainslime candidates are anything other than self-promoting busybodies who want to do you and your family violence. Seriously.

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