Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Defend Our Porn! (And our freedom of speech and association!)

A video from bureaucrash once again points out that America is in no way free, if you are even slightly outside of the "mainstream". Thank goodness for people like John Stagliano, and his organization, Defend Our Porn ,who don't simply let themselves get pushed around by the Assistant Attorney General, Alice S. Fisher of the Criminal Division (Washington D.C.) and her fellow mindless censorship police. Moreover, the point is that if you are a passive consumer of porn, you will probably not be targeted for state harassment (unless you make trouble for your political overseers), but that if you are a producer or creator of that same porn (in what is supposedly a free market), the state will attempt to steal your wealth, and destroy your commercial venture (the creation of wealth is what is a crime, if you lack the initiative to make money, then the same thing is not a crime, in true socialist tradition). The police state has no problem with you going to Blockhead video to rent "faces of death", but if you want to rent a video of people making love (to ironically quote libertine-socialist Jello Biafra), they have a big problem with that. I guess they figure that watching "faces of death" will make you a more servile slave, by showing you that governments are willing to actively murder innocent people, and have murdered more than 170,000,000 innocent people during peacetime in the past 100 years (according to researcher R.J. Rummel at the University of Hawaii). It will be interesting to see if Libertarian Candidate for President Bob Barr, or his VP Candidate, Wayne Root, will argue in favor of John Stagliano's right to publish porn, online, or otherwise. Sure, a family of bible-thumpers can give up their right to privacy, but can they give up my right to privacy along with it? ...Not if America is still recognizable as a secular, free country.

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