Thursday, May 8, 2008

Nevermind Craiglist. Ever Tried Kijiji? ...It's better.

My experience with craigslist has been terrible. I am never going to waste another second of my life on craigslist. I tried to post 10 ads on their financial services section, and all of them never even made it up. They were all "ghosted" or flagged off immediately by the pant-hooting trogolodyte mass of socialists that is craigslist.

Craigslist's days are numbered. They cater to the lowest common denominator. I suppose the fact that I posted a company logo, that linked to my website, and that I didn't post more than a bare-bones text ad "tipped them off" that my posting was "too commercial". BIG DEAL.

I was using Craigslist for the same reason everyone else is: I'm too broke to waste money on more real advertising, (and to see if it lives up to the hype).

Well, guess what? Time is money, and even cross-eyed socialist lives have value. They should think about the lives they're wasting while they're flagging off other people's hard work. (Of course, the real blame lies with Craigslist.)

Craigsslits will be history as soon as people find out about kijiji --it simply functions better.

As Adam Nash wrote: "However, where some people see strength in Craig Newmark’s resistance to profit-motive, I see a potential weakness."

Amen, brother! Nothing wrong with capitalism at all. In fact, I want the people I hire to have a profit motive! (So their services don't look like they've been performed by slothful socialists on craigslist.)

Oh, and BTW, a friend of mine rented an apartment to someone he found on craigslist, and it turned into "Pacific Heights". It took him 4 months to evict her. Socialism on craigslist (trying to cut corners) cost him $1,200 in rent, and $2,000+ in legal bills. Hmmm.

Now then, I'm not saying Kijiji should become as fascist as craigslist has become about deleting people's posts. Quite the contrary.

I'm suggesting that some of the very best, most professional, "most commercial looking" of the posts on craigslist (the kind that gets flagged off after 2 minutes by the mongol horde of dim-witted art-students) might be worth allowing! So much for free discourse, and "craigslist".

Craigslist deserves to be the flash-in-the-pan that showed Kijiji (and perhaps other services like it) what is possible with a social networkign website.

I hope they make a good old-fashioned CAPITALIST killing! :) Best of Luck!


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