Tuesday, January 8, 2008

"Live Free or Die... ...Or not. ...Or... ...Duhhhhh... What's on TV?"

What a Joke! If Ron Paul doesn't win the 2008 New Hampshire primary, there should be a formal movement to remove "Live Free or Die" from all of the license plates in New Hampshire. It should no longer be the state motto. Because it will then truly be a part of HISTORY. If Ron Paul doesn't win the New Hampshire primary, then New Hampshire should change their state motto to something more appropriate like "Please pass me the cupcakes, Sir". The people of New Hampshire will have definitively proven that they will "live any way they're damn well told to", and will have affirmed their place as the most servile and obedient state in the Union. McCain is leading in the polls right now! OK, so they didn't think that free speech was necessary to living free! I guess maybe they think that individual freedom is an antiquated idea. Or, more likely, they simply haven't thought anything at all, since they've been programmed from birth to think that government is there to steal your money, your neighbor's money, pool it, take most of it, and then spend a small amount of it on some service you have some access to, if you're not much of a "do it your-selfer". How could New Hampshire be any more pathetic? "Live Free or Die", my ass!


crldrummer said...

They may want to change the state motto to, Live Free or As We Are Told. As the old saying goes, the population gets the government they deserve and apparently most Americans are not paying attention. Unfortunately, they are in for a big surprise because it will only get worse as our freedoms are taken away and our currency is devalued. Government handouts will be well received when everyone is homeless and propaganda reigns supreme.

Al said...

The NH motto is not about liberty, but about economics. Saw a bumper sticker there once that said "Live Cheap or Die".