Saturday, April 21, 2007

Wayne Root's Latest Message Regarding His Candidacy for President of the United States of America:

***Please post my message on Libertarian web sites across the USA.

This is Wayne Allyn Root, potential Libertarian Presidential candidate. I've heard the argument among Libertarians that "Wayne is really a Republican." I want to address that statement publicly among my fellow Libertarians:

This statement is a natural thing to say or think. But you are thinking about my background the wrong way. It's time for Libertarians to think "out of the box." The fact that I've been a lifelong Republican is a HUGE positive for the LP. It may be the BEST thing to ever happen to LP. Yes, I was Republican until recently...that's exactly why only I can make the following statement as LP Presidential candidate to millions of American voters:

"I know how hard it is to vote LP. I know many of you listening to me right now are loyal Republicans.
I know many of you are loyal Conservatives who have supported Ronald Reagan, Barry Goldwater and yes even George W. Bush in the past. I know you think voting Libertarian is a wasted vote. But until a few months ago...I was one of you...until recently I also thought voting LP was a wasted vote. Well no more. It's all become crystal clear to me. If a strong lifelong Republican like me could take a chance...and make the change of his LIFE- I just became a lifetime Libertarian- so can you!

Remember I'm the best-selling author of "Millionaire Republican." If you go to, you'll see photos galore of me with President Bush at White House...with Rudy Guliani...with Mitt Romney...with Karl Rove at the White House and at my home...with Republican Senators...with Florida Governor Jeb Bush and NY Governor George Pataki. My entire adult life has ben spent among powerful and influential Republicans. But I have made the switch. I haven't left the GOP. The Republican Party has left me. And I'm not alone. Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater must be rolling over in their graves at the big government antics of today's GOP.

If I made the change from lifelong Republican to "Lifetime Libertarian"...if I'm's time for millions of Republicans and Conservatives to admit they are disgusted and show your anger at the big government Bush the wasteful the the warrantless the online gaming the loss of your freedoms and the Terri Schiavo the greatest expansion of government in the lack of oversight over Pentagon our lying Attorney the secrecy and lack of transparency of our the removal of our individual rights and the mismanagement of the post-war.

It's time for a change- and the change is certainly not to vote for even bigger spending liberal Democrats like Hillary Clinton, or Barack Obama, or Mr. Lawsuit himself John Edwards. It's time for smaller government, lower taxes, balanced budgets, drastically reduced federal spending, and drastically increased rights and freedoms for the individual...and states rights. It's time for non-stop vetoes by the President. I'll veto most every increased spending bill that comes across my desk. It's time for transparency in government- NO MORE SECRECY. If I'm the LP nominee, I pledge a government FOR the people, by the people, and about the people. I pledge to reduce government in your life. I pledge to give the power back to the American people the moment I'm sworn in. I promise you, your vote will NOT be wasted. You have my word."

No other LP candidate can make this argument- PERIOD. The fact that I'm a "reformed" lifelong Republican is a positive for the LP. I'm the messenger who can talk common sense to millions of voters who have never considered the LP before. It's time for them to see the light. These millions of voters who are Libertarians, but don't know it yet, will feel comfortable making the switch when they hear my story. That's something no other LP candidate can accomplish. Today's GOP is not Barry Goldwater's GOP...or Ronald Reagan's GOP. This is a BIG government GOP...only slightly better than an even BIGGER government Democrat Party. Send a message that the 2-party system is corrupt and failing- vote for ROOT for America!

Wayne Allyn Root- finally a W.A.R. you can vote for! ROOT for America!"

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