Friday, October 31, 2008

A Wise Quote From Jacob Sullum on the Major Party Candidates' Views on Gun Rights:

Jacob Sullum writes: 'What works in Chicago may not work in Cheyenne', Obama says. The line, meant to reassure gun owners, highlights his peculiar view that the extent of an American’s constitutional rights depends on where he lives.

This comment of Obama's should be repeated, far and wide, by libertarian candidates. After which, perhaps the candidates can point out that the first gun laws in the nation were 'Jim Crow' laws that prevented blacks from owning weapons of self defense, in the post-civil war South. Lynchings abounded when Southern whites were the only people capable of carrying shotguns and pistols. The decentralization of individual power (via the equal application and enforcement of the law) is necessary to maintain freedom and peace!

Police harrassment and arrests of blacks drastically outnumber those of whites in the current drug war, in Chicago, ...where Obama is from. Is this what Obama thinks "works"? The war on gun owners and drug users is still dramatically, overwhelimingly racist. But sellout socialist blacks like Obama don't mind sending young black and mexican men to prison for things that aren't even crimes in the neighboring suburbs of Indiana and Missouri.

Is the life of a black man living in Chicago worth less than the life of a white man living in Cheyenne?

...And McCain is no better. He still champions "upholding the existing gun laws", and was the author of the "McCain-Lieberman Act", which would have de-facto banned gun shows (by requiring gun show promotors to maintain a SSN database of all attendees, even those selling only books). Moreover, both he and Obama are against even the ability of organizations like , , and the NRA to speak out against the track record of individual-rights-hating politicians like themselves. McCain-Feingold is a gag order on dissent, just like Obama's flirtation with "the fairness doctrine".

These Demopublican parasites have interfered with our gun rights, but they can see that we won't give up our guns, unless our voices are silenced!

If you bother to vote at all this election, you should withold your support from Obama and McCain. Vote Libertarian, or don't bother to vote for president at all. If you vote for every down-ticket office and don't vote for president, you are still sending a strong message. You are sending the message that "NONE OF THE ABOVE ARE ACCEPTABLE" ---which is a very pro-freedom, very libertarian concept, in itself.

Friday, October 24, 2008

A Libertarian Critique of McCain

Matt Welch sums up why libertarians (true capitalists, true levellers) believe that McCain is an unphilosophical old douchebag, here. The link was brought to you by FORA TV, an often excellent online media source.

Sarah Palin endorses jury rights here, and is in turn endorsed by Frank Turney, Alaska's foremost jury rights activist. This, along with Palin's support of gun rights as an individual right, makes her the most libertarian mainstream candidate, although she still sucks (and is totally inconsistent) compared to Wayne Allyn Root, the Libertarian Party's Vice Presidential candidate.

The Libertarian Party's candidate Bob Barr unfortunately has long opposed jury rights, as a drug warrior, prosecutor, and ex-congressman. As recently as 2007, he wrote in philosophical opposition to jury rights, regarding the Yates Jury. (if you follow the link to the Yates jury article, the part to pay close attention to is in the 4th paragraph. Juries are not constitutionally bound to obey judge's instructions if it violates their own conscience or code of morality. Noone is legitimately asked to give up their morality by any judge, according to the US Constitution, but that is exactly what judges who ask jurors to enforce unjust laws, or enforce laws unjustly are demanding. Note that all US juries --according to Kriho Vs. the State of Colorado-- still retain the legal authority to ignore the judge's instructions.)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Alan Greenspan Fails to Take the Blame for Abandoning His Ideals Here:

...As G Edward Griffin Noted (under Alan Greenspan's photo) in "The Creature From Jekyll Island: A Second Look At the Federal Reserve" (2007 ed.): "Alan Greenspan was an eloquent spokesman for the gold standard and a critic of the System's subservience to the banking cartel. That was in 1966. After he became a director of J. P. Morgan & Company and was appointed Chairman of the Federal Reserve in 1987, he became silent on these issues and did nothing to anger the Creature he now served. Like Bryan, even the best of men can become corrupted by the rewards of politics. (Jake Witmer's NOTE: Bryan above refers to William Jennings Bryan, Secretary of State under Wilson, who resigned after the US Government arranged the murder of the innocent US citizens on board the Lusitania, in conjunction with Winston Churchill, in order to draw the US into WWI. The evidence for this is also in Griffin's book.)"

Noone is more complicit than Greenspan in the financial meltdown of the US. He knew better. He betrayed us all. He betrayed America for years: for money and power. He is akin to the character Robert Stadler in Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged.

Friday, October 3, 2008

New Strategy For Promoting the Libertarian Vote

Suggest that people only for for someone who never voted or acted against their property rights (this man is the only candidate who can honestly say that: ). Any time you mention one of the mainslime candidates, add "Against Property Rights" in between their first and last names. Joe Biden authored the RAVE Act, Obama supported the building of a new DEA headquarters in New Orleans, McCain has always been a drug warrior, and Sarah Palin (the least toxic of the four mainslime useless candidates) irrationally stands against a woman's right to choose an abortion after conception (when the zygote is a few cells, and represents a potential human only) due to her moronic religious beliefs. Due to these facts, I ask that you stop pretending that the mainslime candidates are anything other than self-promoting busybodies who want to do you and your family violence. Seriously.

Why Noone Should Ever Vote For Joe Biden:

Joe Biden is the asshole who AUTHORED, SPONSORED, and HELPED PASS "the RAVE Act": This bill became law on April 30, 2003, ...because of Joe "Against Property Rights" Biden. It allows the DEA to violate due process, property rights, the freedom of assembly, and habeas corpus (among other things) all in one law! Specifically, it allows cops to charge the sponsors of a music venue with drug dealing, if ANYONE brings drugs to the venue they are sponsoring. Many people credit "The Rave Act" with ending the electronic music scene in America.

And lest you think that the asinine Obama is any better regarding drug (property) rights, he has proposed using literal human enslavement (in the name of the war on {some} drugs) to "economically stimulate" the soaked New Orleans.

When Joe Biden criticizes Palin for being an unphilosophical simpleton on privacy rights (with respect to abortion), just remember that he's a total and complete hypocrite, because of the RAVE Act. (He stated that "the Liberty Clause" of the 14th amendment protects women from an invasion of their privacy that outlawing abortion would engender. I guess the idiot doesn't understand that if the liberty clause applies to a woman's right to privacy, it also applies to a drug user's privacy, a drug dealer's privacy, and a music promoter's privacy. ...Not to mention that "the RAVE Act" also violates all ten of the remaining Bill of Rights as well...) Well, I don't want to take up any more of the screen with the mainslime assholes who want to run our lives for us, but if you enjoy this blog, please note that there are two ways you can help defeat Biden, McCain, Obama, and Palin's plans for YOU. Vote for Wayne Root, in 2008, 2012, and 2016. His blog is here: I also strongly suggest supporting the effort to put him on the ballot in all 50 States, under his official party designation: LIBERTARIAN.

...Or you can always crouch down and lick the hand that beats you. ...But if that happens, may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen. I'm not looking for O_AMA BI_ __DEN.